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CCTV from ICOMM delivers real-time protection for your business, giving you access to images anywhere, anytime from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

We specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of integrated IP Megapixel camera solutions, which provide clear, high-definition images suitable for forensic purposes and positive identification. Megapixel technology also enables you to cover more with fewer cameras, making IP CCTV systems cost-effective whatever your budget.

Our bespoke IP CCTV systems can be installed with little disruption and include an easy-to-use video management system (VMS) and detailed real-time analytics.

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CCTV services at a glance
Video management system Megapixel cameras
  • easy to use
  • free client software
  • two- way audio support
  • interactive mapping
  • rapid deployment
  • edge base analytics/recording
  • easy retrieval (Smart search)
  • event linking and alerts
  • video wall
  • EPOS, access control, intruder alarm,
    fire alarm and BMS integration
  • system health monitoring
  • cross-platform compatible
  • supports analogue cameras
  • high resolution - see more with less
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE)
  • panoramic surround video (180°-360°)
  • fisheye lens
  • Clear night time images (IR LED)
  • analytics - people-counting, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (APNR), Perimeter Monitoring, Facial Recognition
  • retail solutions
  • loss prevention
  • extensive manufacture range (1800+models)

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